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Apple Orchard


Nature-Connected Neighbourhoods CIC is a Community Interest Company founded to take action on the ecological crisis. 69% of the wildlife that lived in the UK in the 1970s has disappeared, which means really difficult impacts for people too. However, there is a great deal that we can do to heal, restore and create space for new growth. Through wildlife gardening we can increase connectivity and coverage of habitat, support native species of flora and fauna and help with both mitigation of and adaptation to climate change. 


We are trying to raise £500 to reach community at local fairs


What we are about

The mission of Nature-Connected Neighbourhoods is to create and enhance corridors for wildlife to thrive in our urban communities. We aim to achieve this by encouraging engagement by local communities to create shared use of outdoor spaces, such as gardens, allotments and green infrastructure. Our vision is to reconnect communities – both human communities and wildlife communities, to support nature-connectedness and to build a future which nurtures human wellbeing and thriving biodiversity. 

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